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Our September 29, 2017 Show

Posted by David Feldman on Sep 29, 2017 12:04:00 PM

Will Durst talks to us from Colorado where he is working on his new one man show. The New York Times calls Durst, "Quite possibly the best political satirist working in America."

Durst is my comedy hero. I wanted to be him and Bobby Slayton when I was starting out in San Francisco. It was Will who taught me patience, who told me it takes years for a comedian to get funny, ten years for the rest of the world to find out just how funny you are. 

Will and his wife Debbie have pretty much taken over Comedy Day, the annual San Francisco celebration of standup comedy. Comedy Day is held every year in Golden Gate Park, and the patch of grass where people gather to laugh will now be called Robin Williams Meadow.

Nancy Giles joins us to talk about the Hamilton Burr duel, and tries to remain calm recalling the latest affront to our sensibilities committed by Trump. Nancy is a regular contributor to CBS Sunday Morning and MSNBC. She's also an hysterical comic.

Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling keeps getting funnier. We finally had to pot down my mic because I was laughing so hard I was breaking the needle on the monitor. I counted about fifteen jokes this time. The third and the fourth are beyond hysterical. Jackie is a rare bird who is not only a scholar of jokes, but he knows how to tell them. Jackie's new book is "The Joke Man: Bow To Stern."

Professor Corey Brettschneider talks about his lunch with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. And Comedian Kevin Bartini talks about working on Comedy Central's "The Opposition with Jordan Klepper."


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