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Our September 22, 2017 Show

Posted by David Feldman on Sep 22, 2017 11:39:00 AM

JEFF CESARIO was on our show Tuesday. He got me my job on HBO's Dennis Miller Live right after I got fired from ABC's Roseanne. Jeff has succeeded in everything-- from writing to stand up to producing and performing. As a comic he has appeared on the Tonight Show, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson, The Late Late Show and Jim Rome. His comedy specials have been seen on Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central and MTV. He is also a multi Emmy award winning comedy writer.

Howie Klein has been sending us some candidates to book. DERRICK CROWE is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in the 21st district of Texas against Lamar Smith, a Trump-supporting, climate-denying, 16-term term Republican. 

Plus Comics LIAM MCENEANEY, JOE DEVITO, and JACKIE “THE JOKE MAN” MARTLING. Also we are joined by the senior strategist over at the national public policy think tank Demos, VIJAY DAS. 

Vijay talked to us about a frightening study Demos conducted showing that in several states it's perfectly legal to be turned down for a job if a potential boss does a credit check and doesn't like what he sees. Senator Elizabeth Warren is introducing legislation to change that, but it's unlikely to pass a Republican controlled house and senate that takes its orders from companies like Equifax. 

Topics: Jeff Cesario, Derrick Crowe, Jackie The Joke Man Martling, Liam Mcceneaney, Joe DeVito

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